Each JJM® condensate neutralizer design is different with various configurations and capacities. The correct amount of pH Power Pellets® media is critical to ensure performance. pH Power Pellets® individual refill kits ensure a quick and accurate refill every time.

Featured Product

  • pH Power Pellets® is the proprietary media only found in JJM® condensate neutralizers. Use of pH Power Pellets® in any other product is strictly prohibited.

  • pH Power Pellets® are proudly produced in Massachusetts, USA

  • pH Power Pellets® are non-toxic and shelf-stable, with magnesium hydroxide as the active ingredient.

Maintenance Matters

  • Not maintaining a JJM® condensate neutralizer is equivalent to not having a neutralizer.

  • Helps maintain compliance with regulatory codes and protects facilities and the environment.

  • pH Power Pellets® should be replaced at least every 12 months or when the pH level < 5.0.